Basks in traditional clothes
Biskaia, Bask country

The three of us (Ernst, my son Pieter and me) traveled to Gorlitz, a hamlet near the Atlantic Ocean in Biskaia, Spain.

We were on two motorcycles.

There was a heat wave, so the beach and the sea were temptatious, but we also visited the Castle of Butron, and Gasteiz, where we bumped into a feast. The Basques know how to create a party, that's for sure!

First, we had to get thruogh France (and the Netherlands and Belgium, but France is far bigger).

France is huge, but in many places beautiful to ride through. We especially liked the Bourgogne and the Morvan.

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Inland, Biskaia is very green, even during a heat wave in the summer.

This land behind the north coast is very different from the rest of Spain.

Beautiful roads everywhere, where you ride one corner after another. Perfect surroundings for motorcycle riding.

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Gorlitz is a very small town with a beach, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, to the north of Bilbao.

It has a camping site, a huge (and beautiful) beach, and some restaurants and shops.

Plentzia is the small harbor sibling town, with more restaurants, and a small centre with old buildings.

Together, they offer a really pleasant place for a holiday.

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Gorliz has a beautiful sheltered beach, in a half-moon formed bay, with rounded rocks at both ends.

During summer, you will never be alone there. Most tourists are Spanish, which I prefer compared to the Mediterranean coasts where you hear more Dutch and German than Spanish.


Close by Gorliz is this Castle of Butron. It is a real castle, with a history of battles where Biskaia was divided again and again between different castle owners.

When you visit the castle, you get a real "multimedia experience", which is much more fun than it sounds. And the castle itself is impressive and interesting.

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We were twice in Gasteiz (the Spanish name is Vittoria; the Bask name is Gasteiz), and on both occasions the town was partying: there was a festival.

Most people were in traditional clothing, there was music, dance, and a shandy-like drink was consumed in huge quantities.

The tempo of the music was incredibly fast and the dancers managed to keep up with that tempo, and all that took place during a heat wave...

Gasteiz rocks!

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In short: this small part of Spain, Biskaia, has everything for a great motorcycle vacation.


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