All black Yamaha XT500
The XT500 (at that moment still without aluminium tank

The Yamaha XT 500 is an icon. And beautiful.

And a very enjoyable bike to ride (well, if you have time to do the maintenance, that is...)

When I started to go off the road more often with the Bumblebee, I sometimes started longing for a lighter bike (for instance, when lying down for the zillionst time).

Since Ernst is known as the Xt doctor, the choice wasn't very difficult: the bike for me is the Yamaha XT500.


I took the XT to the Yorkshire Moors, as you see here.

I called the XT Mr Bean, because it shakes every which way when riding narrow English curvy roads (favourite with me and the XT).


The XT500 which you see here is not my own (actually, it is Steffie's).

Unfortunately, I often still need a curbstone to start an XT500 (for the sidestand, to get the bike slightly more upright), because have rather short legs. But as you see, Ernst sometimes is so kind to lend me his foot to put the sidestand on, in order to let me show that I am able to kickstart the bike myself ;-)

Steffies XT is especially mentioned here, because it was the first XT that I rode ...


Here, at the Maasvlakte, I started practising wheelies on Mr Bean.

Sometimes they succeed very well. The trick is to start rolling (in 1st), and then to open the throttle. The front comes up...

Always keep your right foot on the brake. If you go too high, apply the brake. *Never* let go of the throttle, or apply the front brake!. Instead, you should give some more throttle just before hitting the ground, to get a smooth landing.


My XT500 got an aluminium tanks: looks are important as well!


The other side.


One last picture.


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