Suzuki VX800 next to a tent
My first motorcycle love: a Suzuki VX800

I started riding a motorcycle in March 1994, on a red Suzuki VX800. You can read how it feels to go to Sweden, alone, on a motorcycle which you have owned for a month or two, in my  Sweden story ;-)

In Sweden. I discovered gravel roads, and found out how much fun it is to ride on not-very-well-paved roads. I started dreaming about riding off-road, and because I like to travel a lot too, my ultimate dream-bike was the BMW R1100GS.

So the next motorcycle in my motorcycle history was a BMW R1100GS.

I have fond memories of my VX800, allowing me to enjoy traveling on motorbike for the very first time in my life.

I soon found out that the springs are too soft, so I replaced them.

I had decided for the VX800 because I already knew I would like to use it for camping trips, and the bike performed very well, loaded with two Givi cases and a drybag.

For the rest, it was difficult for me to judge its behaviour, because I had no experience with other bikes. I do remember very well how easy corners suddenly appeared when I had a BMW R1100GS for a test ride.

But all in all, I have very fond memories of the VX800. It is beautiful, its engine is sweet and easy, and there is no chain to lube.


With hindsight, I should have chosen another motorcycle to start my riding career. The VX800 is heavy (about 250 kilogram dry), and with its long wheelbase, it is not an easy cornerer.

On the other hand, its engine is easy going and behaves very predictable.


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